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this should be turned into a ratings community, you know, to counter act everyone else.

Being part of a gang like the Bloods and the Crips, or biker gang like the Hells Angels give's you automatic induction.

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lol. This site seems cool enough. Although some of these things are not even close to what i have done. Im guessing "bad-ass" would be somewhere alone the lines of beating someone with a crowbar. I think thats one of the lesser things i have done. NOt too sure if bad-ass and insanity come close to crossing.

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has anyone else seen or heard of the new show on the WB called Surreal Life with like all the failed 80's and early 90's actors and singers and stuff? the guy who played Webster along with Corey Feldman are there. i think it starts thursday at 9. ud hafta check tho. i just wanna know what you think about this idea!

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these men give ninjas a bad name. they are NOT cool, do NOT have totally sweet powers, and are NOT badass, even a little. and they come from a city called GAYLORD.


Men Dressed As Ninjas Shut Local Freeway

3:39 p.m. EDT June 13, 2002 - A section of Interstate 75 in Detroit was closed Wednesday night as police investigated a call about two men dressed in ninja suits.

Detroit police received a 911 call around 8 p.m. from a concerned man who said that he saw the men along I-75 in Detroit. They were driving a Ford Escort and appeared to be pointing a gun out the window, Local 4 reported.

Police caught the men on surveillance video from a squad car.

"You have two people out in broad daylight in full ninja suits, who you believe have a firearm in the vehicle, and the passenger appeared to be waving out the car at us when we were behind them," Michigan State Police Trooper Paul Gonyeau said.

Michigan State Police and Detroit Police were able to pull the men over. The freeway was closed while police investigated.

The two men -- ages 20 and 21 -- were from Gaylord and told police that they had just bought the ninja gear and were on their way downriver to surprise their family, the station reported.

Officers found a sword, but no gun. Police arrested the men, but they were later released without charges, the station learned.

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hi, i just wanted to settle the score and let all you punk ass bitches know who's REALLY badass. it's darth maul. i think darth maul may have secretly received training in ninjutsu back when he was a kid. he's so badass, he could totally punch a hole straight through ANY bitch-ass pirate that gets in his way. however, if he was a REAL ninja, he wouldn't show up on film, leading me to believe they used a stand-in darth maul for the movie.